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June & July 2017

Colonial will offer the following products at all our Branch locations.

Check with your Outside Sales or Counter Representative for pricing and availability!

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CADDY CAT HP - Cable Support Systems

Key Features & Benefits
  • Fully-versatile J-Hook solution with interchangeable fasteners and support brackets
  • Ideal for projects that require exibility to adapt cable pathways on the jobsite
  • Customized J-Hook trees can be easily assembled with various J-Hook sizes, colors
    and configurations
  • Multiple color options aid in the identification and organization of the pathway application

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Safety Switches

Key Features & Benefits
  • Used to open or close a circuit
  • Non-fusible safety switches provide a means to manually connect or disconnect the load from
    the source
  • Fusible safety switches provide a means to manually open and close a circuit and over current protection by means of installed fuses
  • Also commonly referred to as a disconnect switch or disconnect
  • Available from 30 to 1200A

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