All-in-One Wire and Cable Payout System

REEL EASY is a complete payout system for multiple-size wire and cable delivered on-site ready to pull. Colonial can quickly deliver an entire payout unit with up to 5 reels that feed at different speeds simultaneously.

Keep Productivity and Profitability Moving with REEL EASY!

Designed for ultimate wire pulling efficiency, Colonial's complete REEL EASY payout solution streamlines productivity to enhance profit.

Multiple Reels on One Unit

Payout units arrives on-site preloaded with up to 5 compartments in one unit.

Chambers Rotate Individually

REEL EASY prevents cable jams by having multi compartments that spin independently which allow cable of different size to be pulled simultaneously at different speeds.

Removable On/Off Casters

REEL EASY units are equipped with on/off casters that make moving it around real easy.

No Assembly Needed

The all-in-one axel and chassis are integral to the unit. No assembly is needed.

Refillable Reels and Units

REEL EASY units can be returned and refilled as needed.

REEL EASY: Simplicity, Speed and Safety on a Roll

The REEL EASY system offers real advantages in efficiency and safety while keeping jobsite productivity on a roll.

Reduces Pull Time. Increases Productivity.

REEL EASY pulls multiple compartments at different rates making your pulls more efficient and productive.

Lowers Costs for Labor and Disposal

Colonial's system of returnable and refillable reels makes payout easier, reduces labor and eliminates disposal costs — all leading to increased profit.

Easy Set-up Keeps Work Flowing

REEL EASY units are shipped premounted which reduces your chances of damaging wire and helps prevent other interruptions that slow down your work flow and cost you money.

Increases Jobsite Safety

The REEL EASY payout unit moves easily on smooth surfaces, eliminating lifting and reducing the risk of injury and with a 45” diameter will fit through most doorways. Fewer accidents means a safer workplace and less downtime.

Add pull heads to your REEL EASY shipment for a truly optimized and efficient wire pulling experience


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