Heavy Duty Box Bracket

This bracket provides first means of securement for MC/AC and EMT conduit. The rigid locking tab securely locks into place when closed and opens for easy conduit placement.

Snap to Stud Cable Support

This easy-to-use cable makes installation fast and easy, saving time and increasing productivity. No tools or fasteners are needed to install and its’ flared edges provide cable protection.

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Heavy Duty Telescoping Bracket

Repeatable, Time-Saving Design Ready to Use Right from the Box

  • Provides a universal solution that reduces field work
  • Pre-assembled – no sharp edges, no assembly and eliminates guesswork
  • Allows you to create a variety of combinations of SKUS and assemblies without keeping extra product on your shelves
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Quick Tray Pro™

Routes Cables Through Unused Space While Keeping Them Accessible

  • Smooth, round wires minimize dust buildup and cable snagging
  • T-weld top wire, pre-galvanized steel or black powder finish
  • Available in either 2, 4 or 6-inch sidewalls to hold cable in the tray and in a variety of widths to accommodate different numbers of cables
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Between Stud Panel Mounting Bracket

Fasten and Protect Cables During Assembly, Shipping and Installation

  • Attaches to panel box providing a rigid surface to quickly and easily secure flexible conduit
  • Makes installing panel box between studs easier, saving time and labor
  • Can be used in combination with MC/AC Cable to Metal Stud Clip to securely attach 14-2 to 12-3 MC/AC size cables creating a tool free attachment process
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Telescoping Ceiling Bracket

Allows for Infinite Positions for Box Location

  • Supports fans, fixtures and luminaires from ceilings
  • Can also be used in stud wall applications to support scones and electrical boxes
  • Installs on wood beams or metal studs and only requires a screw gun
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Seismic Bracing

Protect People, Property and Equipment

  • Innovative seismic bracing solutions
  • Reduce the total installation cost
  • Available for several common mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and fire applications
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