MasterPact MTZ Circuit Breakers

Introducing MasterPact MTZ Circuit Breakers from Square D. Built on the legendary performance and reliability of the MasterPact line, these breakers prepare you for the future of power distribution with smart connectivity and remote monitoring.

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Altivar AC Drives

Advanced Energy Management and Performance in Motor Control

  • Use proprietary energy-saving technologies that reduce energy costs
  • Optimize a broad range of utility and industrial applications including pumps, fans, compressors, material handling and more
  • Provide advanced diagnostics, industry-leading voltage ride-through capability and seismic-qualified products and solutions
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Multi9 Miniature Circuit Breakers

Final Level of Protection in Electrical Distribution

  • Redesigned specifically for use by original equipment manufacturers and control panel builders
  • Optimized designs allow for easy adaptation to any configuration
  • Flexible options that make installation easy, fast and safe
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MasterPact MTZ Circuit Breakers