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Designed for commercial and industrial applications

Thermal stacking - Optimized LED life and light output

Construction - patent pending housings made of die-cast aluminum.

Easy Installation - Labor Saving

Lens - High transmission, 91% efficiency


Smooth & even light pattern

Proprietary labor-saving installation system

Patented durable housing design. DLC premium qualifed

Available up to 400W replacement


Delivers 70% of initial lumens at 200,000 hours

20-gauge post painted steel with quick wire access panel

Available in 104W, 210W, 150W. With or without glare shield

Heavy duty construction made with 20 gauge steel

Slimpack Pro

Slim, low profile design

Quick and easy mounting

Bottom-hinged to prevent leakage

DLC qualified, dark sky approved

SLP - Area Light

Individual optics and optical grade acrylic lens

Separate driver compartments for cooler operating temps

Fits to any existing pole

Protected by US patent D754,385

Power Floods

High powered individual LEDs

Optical grade acrylic lenses

High efficiency - up to 105 lumens per watt

Replaces up to 1000W MH