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Smart Benefits

  • 3 range taking sizes. Accommodates a wire range from #6 AWG - 777DLO
  • Off-centered pins cans be rotated to prevent interference when installing conductors side by side
  • Insulated covers prevent contact between it and uninsulated parts
  • UL listed for use with Flex (fine stranded) conductor


Replaces 300 catalog numbers

  • Acts as a lug, splice SERVIT Post™, split bolt an tap connector
  • Use for grounding and bonding
  • Install with a standard adjustable wrench
  • Handles power applications up to 600 volts


On iOS and Android

  • Product & Installer Info
  • Find sales Reps & More!
  • Crimp Inspections


Compact size - 14% lighter & 11% shorter

  • Interchangeable scissor action crimping and cutting jaws
  • Safety trigger lock and locking jaw tabs
  • Built in LED work-light
  • 3.0Ah and 5.0Ah versions available


Irreversible grounding system

  • Direct burial in earth or concrete
  • Connection made in less then 3 minutes
  • Requires no special training or tooling


Pre-insulated for faster install

  • Contaminant-free due to solid end caps
  • Range-taking. Reduced need for inventory
  • Dual Rated (AL9CU) for copper and aluminum


Cost effective, efficient and consistent

  • Safe, easy and inspectable connections
  • Meets all required standards and codes
  • Embossed connector and die. Assures the proper tools are used