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Prefab assemblies easily lift and lock into place helping save money!

Easy “push-to-install” design

Lock nut can be finger tightened, locking the rod in place

Works with slightly damaged threads and minor burrs on threaded rod

ALL-IN-ONE Electrical assemblies

Open-back design. Easier & faster access to install conduit connectors or wiring

Box remains fixed in place when mud ring is removed

Rigid back plate functions as a far side-side support and is resistant to bending

Made in the USA

CADWELD - Exothermic Welding

Colored coded welding material

Electronic control unit - no starting material required

Permanent, molecular bond that will never loosen or corrode

CADDY PYRAMID Rooftop Support System

Foam bottom for low abrasion interface

Hot-dip galvanized & UV stabilized for long lasting performance

Supports green building requirements

CAT HP Cable Support System

Faster install compared to conventional cable or ladder tray

No grounding or bounding required

No extra components to install