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Plug-On Neutral Solutions

Quick, Easy, Clean

  • Provides maximum gutter space within the loadcenter
  • Self-leveling tabs allow for quick drywall offset
  • Bonding screw provides quick, easy means of bonding neutral and ground

Anti-Counterfeit Program

Can you spot the counterfeit?

  • Counterfeits can result in a higher risk of failure or malfunction
  • Learn how to identify at-risk and suspect packaging
  • Buying from an authorized Eaton reseller will minimize your risk

Power Defense Breakers

Our Defense is Your Best Offense

  • Globally rated platform
  • Zone selective interlock technology
  • ArcFlash reduction options with the fastest tripping speed technology
  • Built-in communications

Arc Quenching Switchgear

Superior Protection – In a Flash

  • Detects and extinguishes an electrical arc flash in less than 4 ms
  • Reduces incident energy
  • Can be quickly returned to service after an arc flash event

Dry-Type Transformers

Performs Through Demanding Conditions

  • Corrosion-resistant enclosures
  • Withstands exposure to chemicals, water, and other severe conditions
  • Multiple configurations to meet a wide variety of application needs

Classified Circuit Breakers

Install Safely and Streamline Your Inventory

  • Reduce your breaker inventory from six manufacturers to one
  • Mechanically and electrically interchangeable
  • Single and two-pole configurations