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Simple retrofit - installs 70% faster than wired systems. Saves up to 60% lighting energy

XCTTM Technology - Recognize the difference between human motion and background noise

Clear connect® wired communication

Meets energy codes and standards


XCTTM technology - superior sensitivity - Recognize difference between human motion and background noise

Durable design with clean aesthetics

Models for any application and lighting load

C•L Dimmers

High-performance dimming minimizes problems like flicker, shimmer, and pop-on, seen with other dimmers

C•L dimmers are tested and UL listed to work with nearly 700 LED and CFL bulbs

Available in a variety of styles and colors - 250W models in select styles


Control your lights, temperature and shades from anywhere

Compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Nest & More

Schedule lights, shades, and temperatures to automatically adjust at set times of day

Ideal for existing or new homes. No new wiring required