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Pre-fabricated All-In-One Electrical Assemblies

  • Time Savings - allow you to adjust to unexpected obstacles without dismantling assemblies and re-building them in the field
  • Highly versatile to cover a range of assembly configurations and orientations with fewer parts
  • Complete assembly that is ready to use right out of the box
  • Stocked inventory - available when you need it!


Universal Support System

  • Adaptability - Can be used with a variety of application reducing overall inventory
  • Flexibility - Allow assemblies to be supported from a variety of angles
  • Adjustability - Able to make fine adjustments by simply unlocking, adjusting and re-locking the wire


Seismic Bracing Systems

  • Engineered solution to lower total installation and labor cost
  • Supports lateral and longitudinal bracing with a wide range structural attachments for any solution
  • Adjustable design provides flexibility on the job site and a reduced inventory


Cable Support System

  • Labor saving solution. Only need one person to install a CAT HP system
  • Easy install. Requires no screws, rivets or special tools for assembly
  • J-Hooks allow for easy, no-cost direction and level changes


Threaded Rod Mounting System

  • Save time and money with prefabricated assemblies
  • Lock nuts can be finger tightened reducing installation time
  • Minimize wasted material. Works with slightly damaged and minor burrs on threaded rod


Shot-Fire Bracket

  • Integrated bracket and pin installs easily using powder-actuated or single-shot gas-actuated tools
  • Quickly and easily attach to concrete, steel or composite metal decking
  • Shot-fire brackets are available on numerous caddy systems