Introducing Colonial Electric Supply's VENDOR REPLENISH INVENTORY PROGRAM

Get Real Time Control of Your Inventory with Colonial Electric's new inventory management program

Manage and replenish your inventory automatically - and in real time - with Colonial Electric's state-of-the-art mobile app.

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The easy-to-use mobile app eliminates tedious andtime consuming inventory management tasks.

Put your team back to work.

  • Remove paper-based processes and manual inventory
  • Instantly update inventory - even without cellular service
  • See exactly what you have in stock anywhere, any time
  • Eliminate headaches of material shortages and stock outs

Automate your replenishment processes.

  • Eliminate the manual process of counting inventory
  • Simply scan the product tag, select your quantity, and you're all set
  • Specify which job each product is for
  • Get instant alerts when inventory levels are reached

Manage and replenish inventory with ease.

  • Sends automatic notification to Colonial Electric to ship and deliver new inventory
  • Avoids excess purchases
  • Eliminates consolidating purchase orders
  • Accepts manual orders when needed
  • Keeps projects and customer billings organized

Start saving time and money with Colonial Electric Supply'sVENDOR REPLENISHED INVENTORY PROGRAM.Contact us today!

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