Financial Services

Simple Account Set-up 

Colonial can create a credit account for those who qualify. Click here for a printable version

Accurate Invoicing

At Colonial, we take pride in our innovative billing process that saves you time and money. Our team of financial specialists work to provide the most accurate bills possible and help with any questions

Easy-to-use Account Maintenance

Create your My Colonial account to gain access to all of your information online. “My Colonial” is your online portal to everything Colonial. Access our inventory, product information, pricing, and special events. Then, manage your account online. Place orders, view your order status and delivery schedule, check your invoices and much more – all from your home, office, or smart phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click here for more information or to log in.

Colonial accounts can be paid in a many different ways including check, cash, electronic check payment, and credit card prepayments.

Credit References

Colonial is happy to provide credit references for our customers. Credit references can be emailed directly to your credit specialist.

Terms and Conditions of Quotes and Sales

Click here for Terms and Conditions of Quotes and Sales

Guaranty and Surety Ship Agreement

Click here for Guaranty and Surety Ship Agreement