Colonial Electric is Your Ultimate Wire & Cable Supplier

Count on Colonial Electric Supply to meet all our your wire and cable needs. With over $3 million in wire and cable inventory you can be assured that Colonial Electric Supply will have what you need, when you need it. Click here for Wire and Cable Guide PDF

Now Stocking and Installing:

Pulling Heads


  • Significantly reduces set-up time
  • Lugs are disposable with wire
  • Reduces waste – saves time and money
  • 18 sizes – 8 AWG thru 1000 MCM
  • Works on 600 Volts thru 35 KV wire
  • Rated for copper & aluminum wire
  • Pull 4 times as much wire per day

Heavy Duty Universal Clevis


  • 1-3/4” Maximum rated capacity working weight is 11,000 lbs
  • Fast and easy way to connect to pulling rope
  • Use up to 1” pulling rope
  • Connect multiple lanyards
  • Passes through offsets and 90 degree bends easily
  • Made of hardened steel

Lanyard Extension


  • 1-1/4” clevis maximum 3000 lbs
  • 50” extension
  • Pull 4-in-1
  • Made of hardened steel

THHN Colored Feeder


    • Custom Cutting & Paralleling capabilities to meet your needs
      • 3, 4, or 5 legs available
    • Marked with sequential footage marks every 2 feet*
      • Reduces costly mistakes and saves time!
    • Self lubricating polymer jacket
  • Quicker install saves you time and money
  • Color = Phase & voltage identification
    • Reduces labor and mistakes
  • Staging available-Only release what you need for your current project