e-Invoicing- Go Green with Colonial

Sign up for paperless invoicing today with My Colonial. Going paperless is faster, more convenient, and uses less paper. You can choose to have your statements and invoices sent via email and access them anytime from anywhere.Emailed invoices are:

  • We offer two different ways to get started:Received faster, helping you invoice your customers earlier saving you time and money.
  • Easier to store and organize
  • Easier to share with your organization
  • Electronic format saves you time, no more manual time entry!

My Colonial

  1. Log into your My Colonial Account
  2. Choose “Billing Options”
  3. Choose “email” as your invoice and statement delver method

Call Us

  1. Call your financial services Representative at 610-312-8100
  2. Explain that you would like to change your invoice delivery method to email

Sign-up today and see the time and money that paperless statements will save.